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What is wrong with my name?

And in covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you.

2 Peter 2:3

For the last few generations, parents have been going to the state to have the name of their baby registered. After paying the state their tribute money, a birth certificate is issued which entitles this young child to state privileges and benefits. What the parents do not realize is that in the act of obtaining a birth certificate, they are giving the state authority to make their child of God, a child of the state.

How is this possible? There is a basic principle of law that states, "what one creates, one controls." If your parents registered your name through a birth certificate, then the state created your name. If they created your name, then they also gained the power to control the body attached to that name.

Through the birth certificate, the state has its first opportunity to offer you privileges. But along with these benefits, comes the burden of complying with their volumes and volumes of rules and regulations. Why? Because they claim you as one of theirs.

A few generations ago, when people worshiped Jesus Christ as King, parents dedicated their newborn child to God. The birth was recorded in the family Bible. Parents acknowledged that their child was a gift from God and were committed to raising the child according to the commands of Christ.

Today, a new procedure has supplanted the dedication of newborns to God. Parents dedicate their children to the state through the birth certificate procedure. Because they fear what men will do to them, they raise their child according to the dictates of the state. Yes, this is idolatry - twentieth century style. For they worship and serve the created thing (the state), rather than the Creator.3

3 - Romans 1:25

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