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Common Law name change

The local public library has books on Names and Name Changes and most of them mention the "Common Law Name Change." The books say that you do not need to go to court and ask for a name change. You do not have to obtain permission from anyone. All you need to do is receive a new name and then start using it. And by its use, it becomes your name. The only caution is that you cannot make a name change for the purposes of fraud or deceit:

You do not have to go to court to change your name. You may use any name you choose. There is nothing illegal about using a name not "legally" yours, as long as you are not doing it to deceive or defraud anyone. You can acquire the right to use a name simply by using it. This is called the "common law method" of name change. It has been recognized as a valid method of name change for centuries.

It is not difficult to begin using a new name informally. Business people, creditors, and agencies, however, will generally not accept your "new" name unless you can show evidence that you most commonly use that name to conduct your personal and/or professional business. 25

Even though the Common Law method of name change has been recognized as a valid method of name change for centuries, the state doesn't like it. They don't want to admit that you can acquire your name without asking permission from them. They lose a measure of control over you if you don't use their established methods. They encourage you to use the court-ordered name change procedure.

The state will try to make you doubt that your God-given name is legal. They'll play it as far as they can. And if you don't know that you have the absolute right to be any name that God bestows upon you, then you may become confused about what your name is. When you lose confidence, you enter into the sin of doubt. Then the door is open for you to be intimidated into leaving your God-given name and returning to your state name.

25 - Quoted from HOW TO CHANGE YOUR NAME, by Katharine English, Attorney and Julie H. McFarlane, Attorney. Copyright 1984 by People's Law Books, Inc., P.O. Box 14223, Portland, Oregon 97214, 4th Edition - ISBN 0-916643-03-4, pages 3.

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