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Called Out


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Letter to Mom

I was promptly removed as executor of their Last Will and Testament and I doubt if I will share in any inheritance from them. Our friend Samuel announced his new God-given name to his Mom and was also met with violent opposition. But Samuel put the matter in perspective by reminding his Mom that she had changed her name several times and he had never objected:

Dear Mom, aka/Martha Henrietta Amanda Geick
Martha Lewis
Mrs. Lyman Hobson
Martha Hobson
Mrs. Tony Erker
Martha Erker

When you were born July 15, 1911, your parents gave you the name of Martha Henrietta Amanda Geick. After your parents died of natural causes when you were four years of age, you were raised by your maternal grandparents, George & Martha Lewis. You went to school under the name of Martha Lewis.

When you married my Dad on August 6, 1930, you freely accepted another completely new name. You were then known and referred to yourself as Mrs. Lyman Hobson or as Martha Hobson.

After Dad died July 10, 1978, you referred to yourself as Martha A. Hobson. On April 8, 1983, you married again and freely accepted the name of Mrs. Tony Erker. You now refer to yourself as either Mrs. Tony Erker or Martha Erker. No one to my knowledge has ever criticized you for making all of these name changes in your life. I know that I never have.

When I advised you in August of this year that the Lord Jesus Christ had given me another name, you immediately had your Will changed. You named me in your Will under my former name. By this act, you have effectively written me out of your Will.

You have had four last names - Geick, Lewis, Hobson and Erker. You have used at least three different first names - Martha, Mrs. Lyman and Mrs. Tony. Why is it that you can understand all of these name changes for yourself throughout your life on this earth, yet you failed to accept even my first name change! Let me see if I have this straight. You have had four last names and at least three different first names. I'm only on my second name. If I have had two names and you have had four names, 2 plus 2 equals 4. Would I be correct in saying that you have a double standard?

I remain your loving disfranchised son,

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