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Rescinding documents

There are many seekers who have awakened and want no more entanglements with the world system. They feel they were duped and deceived into obtaining licenses, social security numbers and other state documents. Their solution is to revoke or rescind all the documents that have bound them. They write to each government agency implicated explaining that there was fraud involved in the acquisition of the document. Therefore, they are no longer bound to the terms.

At one point, years ago, I bought a rescission package that promised me liberty from all government contracts and agreements. I faithfully reproduced the many rescission letters required to notify all the government agencies involved. On the kitchen counter was a stack of green "return receipt requests," along with a stack of letters a foot high. The postage alone was going to cost over a hundred dollars because all the letters were being sent certified mail, return receipt requested. The last step was to fold up the letters and stick them in the mail. The letters remained on the counter a couple days.

Suddenly, I grabbed the trash basket, went over to the counter and shoved the letters in the trash. When my wife Rachel came out of the office, I was starting a fire with all those green return receipts - I just couldn't take that final step. Even if I did send all the letters in the correct form to the right addresses, why would any government agency let me go? I was claiming they were fraudulent and deceptive with me, so why would they be honest with me this round? What elusive hope was I clinging to?

I imagined receiving the following reply from the Social Security Administration:

Dear Mr. Patriot: Pardon us. We're sorry if we have offended you. We do sin exceedingly, and hereby repent. We have canceled your number and have expunged your account. You may use this letter as authorization for your employer to stop Social Security withholding from your paycheck.

We also recognize that because you are no longer in equity, you will not be expected to pay the income tax. Enclosed is a refund of all prior contributions.

Your friends in government

No, I could not believe there was a silver bullet from some guru that would allow me to say to them, "Go find other prey. I'm a freeman. I filed papers. You do not have jurisdiction."

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