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Called Out


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They don't forgive

We know a man who dozed off while driving. He wavered in the road and awoke with a start. A policeman, observing this, pulled him over and cited him for "drunk driving." The man decided to battle this in court and requested his criminal record. He was shocked to find that his criminal record went back approximately forty years. It contained information about the time he was accused of disorderly conduct when he was a teen-ager. There were also charges of failing to make a child support payment - 35 years ago.

Here was a man who had reformed his life many years ago, but the state continued keeping records of all his misdeeds from years ago. How can this man truly start a new life in Christ when his accusers are keeping this tainted record of wrongs?

If you become a new creature, I recommend that you not provide links back to the old man. The first thing the police are going to do is attempt to link the new man with the old man. Then they will use old records to accuse you of wrongdoing. They're not like Christ - they won't forgive you of your old sins.

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