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Settling quickly with adversary

If you are charged with giving false information to a police officer, follow the Biblical mandate to settle quickly with those bringing forth the charges.40 Since this charge is a crime punishable by imprisonment, the city attorney or district attorney will be prosecuting the case. Call the court listed on the citation for the name and address of the prosecutor. Then send him a letter.

Most prosecutors receiving the letter will realize the name you gave is not false or fictitious. They will have to admit that you did give them a name - but the name you gave is not a state name - it is your Church name. Who is the state to determine the validity of a Church name? That is outside their arena. In other words, if your name is a state-registered name, then the state is authorized to determine its validity. But since the name you gave the officer is a Church name, who is the state to sit in judgment over Church matters?

When the prosecutor is made aware of these facts, he ought to drop the charges prior to trial. However, not all prosecutors respond. Some are stubborn or careless. They won't even review your letter before the trial. In that case, you may be dragged into court. If you are forced into court, stand firm. You have done as God commanded. There is no defense for doing the Lord's will. You have previously sent them information on your intent. They have no excuse. Your name is none of their business.

We are in error for ever allowing a court or any body of men to determine our name. Our name is determined from on High. There is no way that men can overrule what God has said.

40 - Matthew 5:25

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