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Wife overcomes false name charges

We had an instance where we overcame "false name" charges without building a defense and I believe it was a true victory. My wife was taken to jail and charged with "giving a false name to a police officer." I wrote a letter to the district attorney's office stating that my wife's name is Rachel Revere. I said that even if they were successful in obtaining a guilty verdict, it would not change the truth - she would still be Rachel Revere.

District Attorney

Re: Giving False Name to Police - T92889A - Dist. Court

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heaven,

On the 19th of April of this year, a sheriff's deputy instructed me to tell my wife, Rachel, to drive to the Washington County Jail so that I could be released. By an act of God (or men plotting against each other), Rachel was stopped en route to the jail and charged with the infamous crime of being Rachel Revere! Rachel testified before the officer that she is Rachel Revere. Her Father in Heaven also testifies that she is Rachel. That is two witnesses, which is more than what the State of Oregon requires. If you still do not believe, then examine the enclosed copies of her fruits, such as Heaven driver license, telephone directory listings and mail. Even the Washington County District Court sent the hearing notices to Rachel Revere.

If, after examining the enclosed documents, you decide to continue pressing charges and obtain a guilty verdict and put my wife in jail for a year, it will not change the truth. My wife will still be Rachel Revere.

If we rebuild that which we destroyed, we become a transgressor of the law. Do you not recognize the Power that has given Rachel a new name? Then I ask you, by what authority do the birds sing? By that same authority my wife's name is Rachel Revere.

I really think this matter has gone too far. If you are still not convinced of the truth, please inform me of your stumbling block. Maybe this matter can be resolved without expensive litigation for I wish to settle while I am on the way with you.

May the blessings of Christ's kingdom come to you.

In Service to Our Lord,
Paul Revere, Ambassador of Jesus Christ


Within five days after receiving the letter, the prosecution dropped the charges. After all, even if they were successful in obtaining a guilty verdict and Rachel spent a year in jail and was assessed a $2,500 fine, the truth would not change. When the whole thing washes out, her name is still Rachel Revere. The court might persuade all the people in the world to say my wife's name is not Rachel Revere, but they would still not have as much authority as the voice within Rachel that declares what her name is.

The letter we wrote for Rachel became a model for others who were accused of giving a false name. Many of our Church members wrote similar letters to the prosecuting attorney - and often the charges were dropped without going to trial.

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