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Legislative intent

The Oregon Court of Appeals revealed the legislative intent of the "giving false information to a police officer statute" in State v. Packer:41

The legislative history indicates that the statute was intended to give authorities some recourse against a driver who, after being stopped for a traffic citation, give (sic) the police officer a false name. See House Committee on Judiciary, Minutes April 21, 1977, p 3....We hold that the statue (sic) was designed to make criminal the giving of false information to a citation-issuing officer, regardless of the ultimate outcome of the case. See House Committee on Judiciary, Minutes, supra. (emphasis added)

Note that the information given must be false information.

In STATE v. JENSEN,42 the Oregon Appeals court further stated the intent of the "giving false information to a police officer" charge:

[2] In this case, defendant was stopped for a violation of the motor vehicle laws; he was driving while suspended and the officer knew it. He gave a false name in order to avoid responsibility. That is exactly the type of behavior that the statute was designed to discourage.

By the way, if the old man has a suspended license and the state claims you are suspended in their state - don't buy it. You are now driving under an office of the Church - and the state can make no laws for the Church.

41 - ORS 482.610(4) renumbered 807.620, 72 Or App 677 (1985)

42 - 717 P.2d 1265 (Or. App. 1986)

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