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State fails to serve old man

The year is 1987. Our family has just survived an airplane crash that totally demolished the plane. Yet, by the grace of God, all four of us walked away with only minor injuries. Because of the crashing of the plane, the media caught hold of who I was and the foolishness of "Flying by Faith, not by License." I believe the plane crash was God's vehicle for allowing me to bring His message to thousands of people across Oregon. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18

Channel 6 television news came out to the Embassy with cameras and spent two hours interviewing us. One comment I made was that the state doesn't know what to do with me. This comment, plus many others, displeased the state. Within a few days two deputy sheriffs arrived at the Embassy and hauled me to jail.

One evening as I sat in jail, a group of deputies appeared and called out the old man's name. I didn't respond, but a deputy forced me to the window where another deputy was shoving citations through the opening. I took one look at the name on the citations and said emphatically:

"That's not me."

"Oh yes it is. Look right here - it says aka Paul Revere."

"My name is not 'aka Paul Revere.' Therefore, that's not me."

The deputy pushed the citations on through the window and they fell on the floor, "You've been served," he proclaimed. One of the inmates who had gathered to watch picked up the citations, slid them back through the window and yelled, "He has not been served."

Later, as I was being released from jail a deputy again tried to serve the citations which were now crumpled up. "Go ahead and take these. They're you're property." I snuck a look at the crumpled yellow papers and quickly shoved them away from me. "Those aren't mine." The deputy looked surprised, took the citations in his hand and threw them in the wastebasket. That's the last I ever heard about them.

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