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CALLED OUT is a handbook for those who believe that God is calling them to a new life and a new identity. It is also a practical guide for establishing a new name, given not by men, but by Heaven.

It is difficult today to leave Babylon and keep the name you were given at birth. The world claims your name as one of their own. Receiving a new name makes it much easier to start a new life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Just the thought of changing your name can be very unsettling. There is often a cry of resistance: "I don't want to give up my identity." "I've spent years building my reputation." "My parents would never forgive me for not carrying on the family name." All these feelings are common defenses. "My name equals me" is one of our strongest feelings. Why would anyone want to give up the name that identifies them? The answer is simple - and revolutionary: Individuals give up their old names because God calls them to separate from the old life that held them in bondage and be born again. Along with the new birth, comes a new life and sometimes, a new name.

When you are reborn in Christ, you may use any name you choose. You can forsake your state-registered name and receive a new name from Heaven. You do not need to go to court or seek any man's approval. You go to God and pray for a new name and when He gives you one, you use it in your daily transactions. The only restriction is that you do not use your new name to deceive or defraud anyone.

Your name came from Heaven and that is all the authority you need. When Almighty God is your Sovereign, there is no reason to go before men and their legislative tribunals and argue about your name. You are the final authority on your name. No man can tell you what your name is. Your name is between you and God. If you allow any man to decide what your name is, then you are his slave.

Embassy of Heaven Church
Paul Revere, Pastor

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