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Nature of giving false information charge

At some point in your travels, a police officer may stop you and ask for identification. When you give your new name, the officer may charge you with giving false information to a police officer. The state is upset that you gave a name that doesn't match their records. They disapprove of the idea of a person changing his name without going to court. They want you to ask for their permission. There is something else they don't like: changing your name makes it much more difficult for the state to track you. Changing your name without a court order is one of the few freedoms still recognized under the common law. But that freedom may not last forever. As the states exercise their sovereignty over the people, there will come a day when men will have to seek permission from the state for everything they do.

When the state sees you exercising that freedom to receive a new name, they are jealous of your liberty. They respond by citing you with a crime. But don't fear them. If you follow these steps, you will have oil in your lamp if your new name is challenged:

  1. Pray for and receive a new name from God.
  2. Begin using new name in personal and business transactions.
  3. Change the name on billings and other mail to new name.
  4. Tell friends and relatives of new name and kindly correct them whenever they use your former name.
  5. Meet new friends who know you only by your new name.
  6. Collect receipts, letters, utility billings and other written evidence of God-given name.

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