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Judge stops prosecution

A few years ago one of our Church members was being prosecuted for "giving false name to a police officer." It was back in the days when we didn't realize we should never let a body of men decide what our name is. We had written a letter and attempted to call the prosecutor, trying to reconcile our differences - all without success. The prosecutor merely told us, "I'll see you in court."

The trial day arrived and as I seated myself in the courtroom, I heard the chief of police say to his companion, "We're going to fry Joe today."

The trial proceeded and our man, Joe, was shut down every time he opened his mouth. Finally Joe was allowed to give the judge some information on making a common law name change. He presented a copy of Law of Names, which is included in this book under the chapter, "Common Law name change," along with evidence that he used his God-given name in his daily transactions.

The judge called a recess and when we returned he put the prosecutor on the firing line. He asked if the prosecutor had read any of the materials submitted by Joe. The prosecutor made an excuse and the judge's anger rose. He asked the prosecutor:

"Can a man change his name?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Can a man change his name every year?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Can a man change his name every month?"

"Yes, your honor."

"How about every day?"

"Well, I don't know -"

"Is there anything in the law that prohibits a man from changing his name as often as he desires?"

"No, your honor."

The judge sighed deeply and asked, "Why was Joe charged with 'giving false information to a police officer?'"

"Because the name he gave us didn't match the name on the DMV38 records, your honor."

The judge's face reddened as he asked in an exasperated tone, "Since when is DMV the final authority on what a man's name is?"

The judge had asked these questions before calling back the jury. He now decided not to continue the trial. "I'm not going to bring this matter before the jury. It might be interesting to see what they would say, but I'm not going to give them the opportunity. The prosecution doesn't have a case. Joe, I find you not guilty of "giving a false name to a police officer."

This time Joe overcame the "giving false name charges" by playing their court game. Even so, I do not recommend allowing any court to adjudicate the matter when you are charged with "giving false name to a police officer."

A couple years after Joe overcame the false name charges, he was again cited with the same charges. I recommended that he not allow the court to hold a trial. Tell them, "I will not allow any court or any other body of men to decide what my name is." But Joe lacked faith and succumbed to allowing the court to decide. And a jury found him guilty of "giving a false name to a police officer," even though Joe has used his name exclusively for years. Never let men decide what has been settled in heaven.39

38 - acronym for state motor vehicles division

39 - Psalm 119:89

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