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Supervision is problem

The state has a problem. We did not try to cause a problem with the state, it just developed when God gave us a new name. The problem is that the state wants to supervise everyone. We are up against a system that claims everything that moves. The state claims ownership of the deer in the woods, the birds in the air, the fish in the streams and the people that dwell in the land.

In order to supervise, the state has developed an elaborate system of records. In the case of state motor vehicle records, they assign a unique number to each driver - and that number never changes. It is a lifetime number. If you change your name, you are to notify them so that they can change their records and not keep a multiple driving record on the same person. They encourage those who are making a name change, other than by marriage, to go through the court-ordered name change procedure. That way they can easily maintain accurate records.

For us, we are called out of the world system. We keep our own records. But the state refuses to acknowledge that the Church is authorized to keep records. That is the conflict. Two authorities are keeping records on the same individual.

When a citizen of Heaven is stopped by an officer of the state, an attempt is made to find the Heavenly citizen in the state's criminal records. But they cannot locate him because he has a new name recorded with the Church and has no obligation to record it with the state.

This angers the state. They refuse to acknowledge the authority of the Church to maintain records of her citizens. The state proceeds ahead in attempting to locate the last known name of the individual in obsolete state records. If they find the name of the old man, they will declare it is the individual's "true" name.

At the heart of the conflict, is the state's refusal to acknowledge that they do not own everything that moves. Nor do they supervise everyone. Some of us belong to Jesus Christ and are recorded in His book.

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