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State motor vehicles division

The state motor vehicles division maintains what seems to be a perpetual account on persons who have applied for state driving and vehicle documents. We have found no successful way to remove the old man's name from their records. As you are becoming a new creature, avoid leaving any paper trail back to the old man.

This is an area where I erred. I was excited about telling everyone - even the adversary, about my becoming a new creature in Christ. I wrote letters to the state revealing my old name and telling them I had received a new name.

Today I realize that we are dealing with more than just a simple name change - we are a new creation. Therefore, the old man has truly died and a new man is born. The old man is not the same as the new man. They are separate creatures.

Because state motor vehicles division knew the old man's name and assumed the old man and the new man were the same, they continued calling me by the name of the old man and refused to acknowledge the new creature. This caused me additional jail time and persecution that may have been avoided if I had not provided links back to my old life.

By the way, if you leave a paper trail back to the old name, when you get stopped by the police, they may charge you with "giving false name to a police officer." Even if you overcome the charges, the state motor vehicles division will not change their records to reflect your new God-given name.

The state motor vehicles division has statutory provisions requiring drivers to notify them of their name change within 30 days. However, these statutes only apply to state residents who have a valid state license. They do not apply to those who have been reborn and are now citizens of the Heavenly government. When you give your allegiance to Christ's government, state obligations such as driver licenses and vehicle registrations become obsolete.

The Embassy of Heaven Church issues driver licenses and vehicle registration plates for residents of Heaven. These Church documents supersede state motor vehicle records. The Church licenses show you are under the authority of the Church and, therefore, the state driving records are obsolete.

If the state motor vehicles division continues to send correspondence to the old man after you are licensed by the Church, return the letter, unopened. Write on the outside of the envelope: DECEASED, RETURN TO SENDER. If they send a certified letter, tell the postal clerk there is no one by that name and don't sign for it. It will be returned to the sender.

Any other correspondence you wish to terminate can also be marked: DECEASED, RETURN TO SENDER. Use this with caution because if the old man has outstanding obligations, they must be settled. However, this approach works well for nuisance mail.

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