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Written documents not final authority

The state wants us to believe that a written document is the final authority. They declare that your name is whatever is recorded on the birth certificate. They are turning us into a rock, not a living, thinking, feeling human being that can change through time. But the birth certificate is only a record at some point in time. It doesn't stop reality. Things can change.

They may tell you that the only way for a man to change his name is by petitioning the court. But what if God is directing your life? What if God is changing you? Then your name is whatever God dictates - whether or not it has been recorded.

If you use a new name, it becomes yours simply by using it. The reality is within yourself. Reality is not out there in written documents. The reality is within you. All they can do is record the correct information at that moment in time. But the very next moment, their records could be incorrect because things change.

The next time a person tries to convince you that the final authority is on some piece of paper or other tangible evidence like photographs or fingerprints, remember those things are not the final authority. The final authority rests within you, where the Holy Spirit resides.

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