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New man receives new name

How did I get the name Paul Revere? Did God strike me with a bolt of lightning? In a figurative sense, yes. God works in mysterious ways and He often uses others as His messengers. My God-given name came through a friend in Idaho who suggested I write a "Paul Revere Newsletter" about the truths God was revealing to me. I started doing this work as a midnight messenger, signing the newsletters "Paul Revere." Soon people started calling me to speak at their meetings. They only knew me by the name Paul Revere. It wasn't long before more people called me Paul than my old name. The old ways and the old friends were dropping off and I was becoming a new man in Christ.

Finally, the spark of light hit me. I knew why Christ had given me the new name. It was to set me apart from my old self - Apostle Paul called it the "old man" - so that I could be a new creation whose purpose was to do my Father's work. I realized the old self must die completely and I must be Paul Revere in all that I do. I changed the name on my post office box and telephone listings.

Because all things are new in Christ, there was no need for me to rescind a birth certificate, social security card, or driver license. The name attached to those items was dead and could not collect benefits or privileges. I have truly been purchased by Another and only Him do I serve. I am under another government, His Church. Any old associations with the democracy have died with the old name.

My old name fell out in the process of proving all things. It belongs to Caesar. Therefore, Jesus gave me a new name and now He controls me. . . .

21Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Thessalonians 5:21

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