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Questions and Answers

If God gives me a new name, is it a legal name?

It depends on what you mean by "legal." If you mean "permitted by law," yes, it is a legal name. There is nothing illegal about using a name given to you by Heaven.

What's wrong with acknowledging an "aka" (also known as) along with my new name?

Your old name represents the old man. When we are born again in Christ, the old is gone, the new has come. "AKA" assumes the old man is the same as the new man. But they are not. The new man is a new creature.

If I am eligible to receive an inheritance, but the Last Will and Testament names my old name, what can I do?

You can notify the probate court of your new name and ask them to correct their records. This happened when my wife Rachel's Mom died. Rachel wrote to the lawyer handling the matter and told him she was the only daughter born of the marriage of Jim and Susan Oldman and that she has received the new name of Rachel Revere. All future correspondence was addressed to her new name.

Another man wrote a similar letter. When the inheritance check arrived, it was made out to his new name, aka old name. He crossed through the "aka old name" and cashed the check.

If I become part of the Embassy of Heaven, do I need to change my name?

No, but most of us do. The problem with a state-certified (birth certificate) name is that the state owns your name. Your whole life has been built upon the foundation of a state-created name. A high school diploma, driver license and marriage license have all been acquired through special grants of privilege from your shepherd, the state.

In order to sever all ties with the world system, the only recourse is to discontinue using a state name. With a new name based upon the nation of Heaven, you can start building a new life.

If I change my name, what do I do about my doctorate title?

Such titles of the world are counted as rubbish in the Kingdom of Heaven. You received the title when you belonged to the world and after attending educational institutions "of the world." Abandon the titles of the world and act from the authority Christ gives you as His ambassador.

I want to start over with a new name, but the police already know my name. What do I do?

You have two choices. If you want to completely start over without any connections back to the old name, you must pack up and leave. You might even have to move to another state. You will have to sever all ties with everyone and leave no forwarding address. You'll want to settle your accounts, too, so no one will come looking for you.

The second choice is to remain in the local area. Your attitude would be: "Who cares if they know my old name. It won't do them any good. I am a new creature, the old has passed away. I'm now in a new office created by God, not by men. Anything they have to say about the past might be interesting, but it is not binding upon me."

Escaping from their clutches or hiding from them is not the objective. Becoming a new creature born of Christ's Spirit is our desire.

What do I say when the state claims that my license under the old name is suspended?

Always remember your office. You are an ambassador of Jesus Christ. You no longer occupy an office or position with the state. You belong to Another. What business is it of the state to accuse you of driving with a suspended license? They are not your supervisors. You are driving under the authority of Heaven. Your previous status under another government is irrelevant.

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