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State name defiled

In today's world most of us had our name defiled when our parents registered us with the state through a birth certificate. The birth certificate made us eligible to receive benefits and privileges as a child of the state. But the state name did something else - it bound us to the world system. Our very own name became the handle the state uses to control us. Later, we further defiled our names by seeking out state privileges - licenses, social security numbers, voter registrations. We also used our state name to purchase insurance policies to limit our liability. We used our state name to establish a credit rating so that we could obtain loans for the things we coveted. In doing so, we entered into compacts with death, making a lie our refuge. We looked to the state for our protection, but it was unable to save us.5

Let's say one day you wake up and realize you have swallowed Satan's lie. You are completely strapped into the beast system. The money changers and the civil government have enslaved you. You don't want to be a slave to the bankers. You don't want to be governed by the will of the people. You don't want the legislature to be your conscience. You want to be self-governing under God. You have been one with them, but you are seeking a better country, whose builder and maker is God.6 You seek the light and easy burdens of Christ's government. But how do you get out from under a system that has entrapped you from birth?

5 - See Isaiah 28:14-22

6 - Hebrews 11:10, 15, 16

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