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Bible names and their meaning

Prominent men

Aaron, enlightened, "The first high priest."
Abel, vanity, or breath, Adam's second son.
Abihu, he is father, second son of Aaron.
Abijam, or Abijah, Jehovah is father.
Abiram, high father, rebelled against Moses.
Abraham, father of a multitude, "The spiritual pilgrim."
Absalom, father of peace, son of David.
Adam, man of the red earth, the first human son of God.
Adlai, my witness.
Ahab, uncle, king of Israel who "did evil above all that were before him."
Ahasuerus, mighty man, king.
Ahaz, possessor, wicked king of Judah.
Ahaziah, Jehovah seizes, wicked king of Judah.
Amaziah, Jehovah has strength, king of Judah.
Ammiel, my kinsman is God.
Amon, builder, wicked king of Judah.
Amos, one with a burden, Minor Prophet.
Andrew, manly, "The personal worker." One of twelve apostles.
Annas, he gave graciously, the high priest.
Apollos, one that destroys and lays waste, the orator.
Aquila, an eagle, husband of Priscilla.
Ariel, lion of God, one of an embassy sent by Ezra.
Aristarchus, ruling best, Paul's companion.
Asa, physician, king of Judah who drove out the Sodomites and called on people to seek the Lord.
Asaph, collector, set up school of music.
Augustus, renowned, a Roman Emperor.
Baasha, offensive, evil king of Israel.
Balaam, destruction, "The mercenary prophet."
Barnabas, Barnaby, son of consolation, co-worker with Paul.
Bartholomew, son of a farmer, one of twelve apostles.
Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus, a blind man.
Ben-hadad, son of Hadad, title of Syrian kings.
Benjamin, son of the right hand.
Bezaleel, under the shadow of God, empowered to work on tabernacle.
Caiaphas, searcher, a high priest.
Cain, possession, "The first murderer."
Caleb, a dog, "The vigorous old man." Encouraged the people to go into the promised land.
Cornelius, a horn, a Roman centurion and first gentile convert, (Acts 10,11).
Daniel, God is my judge, prophet from family of David.
Dathan, belonging to the law, rebelled against Moses.
David, beloved, king of Israel, "A man after God's own heart."
Elah, an oak.
Eleazar, God helps, the son of Aaron.
Eli, lifting up, "The indulgent parent."
Elijah, my God is Jehovah, "The prophet of fire."
Elisha, my God is salvation, "The successor of Elijah."
Enoch, dedicated, "The man who walked with God."
Epaphroditus, handsome, a co-worker with Paul.
Ephraim, Efrem, very fruitful, second son of Joseph.
Esau, hairy, "The man who lost his inheritance."
Ethan, strong, wise man of Solomon's time.
Ezekiel, the strength of God.
Ezra, help, "The man who honored God's Word."
Felix, happy, governor of Judea.
Festus, joyful, governor of Judea.
Gabriel, devoted to God, archangel.
Gaius, I am glad, fellow laborer with Paul.
Gamaliel, gift of God, a Jewish rabbi.
Gehazi, valley of vision, servant of Elisha.
Gideon, tree-feller, "The mighty man of valor."
Goliath, an exile, the giant.
Habakkuk, embrace, Minor Prophet.
Haggai, festive, Minor Prophet.
Haman, splendid.
Haniel, grace of God.
Haran, mountaineer, a son of Caleb.
Heman, faithful, Psalm 88 is attributed to Heman the Ezrahite.
Hezekiah, strength of Jehovah, good king of Judah.
Hobab, beloved, Moses' father-in-law.
Hosea or Hoshea, deliverance, Minor Prophet.
Ira, watchful, one of David's mighty men.
Isaac, laughter, "The long-looked-for son."
Isaiah, salvation of Jehovah, prophesied in four reigns from Uzziah to Hezekiah.
Ishbosheth, a man of shame, son of Saul.
Ishmael, God hears, "The outcast."
Israel, ruling with the Lord, new name given to Jacob.
Jacob, the supplanter, later renamed Israel.
James, supplanter, the son of Alphaeus, one of twelve apostles.
James, supplanter, the son of Zebedee, one of twelve apostles.
Jedidiah, Jed, beloved of the Lord, name Nathan gave Solomon.
Jehoahaz, Jehovah seized, evil king of Israel.
Jehoash, or Joash, Jehovah is strong.
Jehoiachin, or Jeconiah, Jehovah strengthens, wicked king of Judah.
Jehoiakim, or Eliakim, Jehovah will raise, evil king of Judah.
Jehoram, or Joram, Jehovah exalted, wicked king of Israel.
Jehoshaphat, Jehovah judges, good king of Judah.
Jehu, Jehovah is He, evil king of Israel.
Jephthah, he opens, "The man of the foolish vow."
Jeremiah, exalted of God, "Prophet to the nations."
Jeroboam, struggler for the people.
Jesse, firm, father of David.
Jethro, excellence, Moses' father-in-law.
Joab, Jehovah is father, a great soldier.
Joash, or Jehoash, Jehovah is strong, good king of Judah.
Job, he cries.
Joel, Jehovah is God, Minor Prophet.
John, God is gracious, "The beloved disciple," one of twelve apostles.
Jonadab, Jehovah gives, the son of Rechab.
Jonah, dove, "The reluctant missionary," Minor Prophet.
Jonathan, God is gracious, "The generous friend."
Joseph, he adds, the husband of Mary.
Joshua, Jehovah is salvation, "A soldier of the Lord."
Josiah, Jehovah heals, good king of Judah.
Jotham, Jehovah is upright, good king of Judah.
Judah, praise, son of Jacob.
Judas Iscariot, "The traitor," one of twelve apostles.
Korah, baldness, rebelled against Moses.
Laban, white, Jacob's father-in-law.
Lazarus, help of God, Mary's brother.
Lebbaeus, or Thaddaeus, man of heart, one of twelve apostles.
Levi, associated, son of Jacob.
Lot, covering, "The worldly minded believer."
Luke, the physician, author of the Gospel of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles.
Malachi, messenger of Jehovah, Minor Prophet.
Manasseh, one who makes to forget, evil king of Judah.
Mark, lazy, author of the gospel.
Matthew, gift of God, author of the gospel, one of twelve apostles.
Melchizedek, king of righteousness.
Menahem, consoler, evil king of Israel.
Mephibosheth, one who blows upon shame, "The type of the redeemed sinner."
Micah, who is like Jehovah, Minor Prophet.
Michael, who is like the Lord?
Mordecai, consecrated to Merodach.
Moses, drawn forth, delivered his people from Egyptian bondage.
Naboth, fruits.
Nadab, liberal.
Nahum, comforter, Minor Prophet.
Nathan, he gave, rebuked King David.
Nehemiah, Jehovah comforts, "The patriotic statesman."
Nathanael, gift of God.
Nicodemus, victor of the people, "The secret disciple."
Noah, rest, "The ark-builder."
Obadiah, servant of Jehovah, Minor Prophet.
Omri, handful, evil king of Israel.
Onesimus, profitable, a slave of Philemon.
Othniel, lion of God, "The first judge."
Paul, little, the Apostle and missionary.
Pekah, open-eyed, evil king of Israel.
Pekahiah, Jehovah opens eyes, evil king of Israel.
Peter, a rock, "The reed changed to a rock," one of twelve apostles.
Pharaoh, great house.
Philip, lover of horses, "The evangelist," one of twelve apostles.
Phinehas, mouth of a serpent.
Rehoboam, extension of the people, wicked king of Judah.
Samson, sun-man, "The weak strong man."
Samuel, heard or asked of God, "The upright judge."
Sennacherib, sin (the moon-god) gives many brothers, king of Assyria.
Seth, substitute, Eve's third son.
Shallum, recompense.
Silas, belonging to a wood, Paul's missionary associate.
Simon, hearing, the Canaanite, one of twelve apostles.
Solomon, peaceful, "The man of wisdom and folly."
Stephen, crown, Church's first Martyr.
Thomas, twin, the doubter, one of twelve apostles.
Timothy, honoring God, Paul's co-worker.
Titus, honorable, a worker with Paul.
Tobias, Toby, the Lord is good.
Trophimus, nourishing, an Ephesian Christian.
Tychicus, fate, a companion of Paul.
Uriah, God is my light, the Hittite.
Uzziah, strength of God, king of Judea.
Zachariah, Jehovah remembers, Minor Prophet.
Zacharias, Jehovah remembers, father of John the Baptist.
Zebedee, gift of God, father of James and John.
Zedekiah, or Mattaniah, Jehovah is righteous, wicked king of Judea.
Zephaniah, Jehovah hides, Minor Prophet.
Zerubbabel, born at Babylon.
Zimri, famed in song.

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