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Rebirth causes government legal problems

I have been using my God-given name exclusively since 1986. Yet government agencies are reluctant to acknowledge my new name. Is it because if they called me by my new name they would also be acknowledging that I belong to another government and am no longer one of theirs?

Shortly after the airplane crash, one of my pilot friends was approached by federal investigators who wanted to write to me. "That's simple," said my friend. "Just address your letters to Paul Revere."

"We can't do that," replied one of the investigators. "We've got legal problems with the name."

What legal problems? Simply this: Paul Revere is not their child. He belongs to and serves someone else. Since he is of another government, they are acting outside their authority if they attempt to prosecute Paul Revere. The old man belonged to them, and they have plenty of records to prove it. But the old man is dead, and the new man belongs to Jesus Christ. Paul Revere has signed no agreements with the civil government.

If we have died to the principles of this world, yet continue to use the name the world gave us, the world will keep trying to lay claims upon us. We will bear upon our shoulders the heavy burdens of their statutes.

To break the bonds and walk in the liberty given us by our new husband (for we are the Church and the Church is the Bride of Christ), we must take on the name He gives us and let those who are still of the world figure out what to do with the old, dead man.

22But Jesus told him, "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead."

Matthew 8:22


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