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Bible names and their meaning

Prominent women

Abigail, a father's joy, the wife of Nabal, and, after his death, of David.
Anna, grace, a prophetess, (Luke 2:36).
Athaliah, God is strong, Queen.
Bathsheba, daughter of the oath, mother of Solomon.
Bernice, bringing victory, wicked woman who lived an incestuous life.
Chloe, (Kloee), young grass, member of early Church at Corinth.
Deborah, a bee, "The patriotic woman."
Dinah, vindicated, daughter of Jacob and Leah.
Dorcas, gazelle, raised from death.
Elisabeth, oath of God, mother of John the Baptist.
Esther, a star, Queen.
Eunice, happily victorious, mother of Timothy.
Eve, life, the first woman, formed by God out of Adam's side.
Hannah, grace or prayer, "The ideal mother."
Herodias, heroine, wicked granddaughter of Herod the great.
Huldah, weasel, a prophetess.
Jael, wild goat, killed Sisera with a tent peg.
Jezebel, chaste, "The wicked queen."
Leah, antelope, wife of Jacob.
Lydia, from location of Lydia, member of early Church at Philippi.
Mara, bitter, name adopted by Naomi.
Martha, lady, sister of Lazarus.
Mary, bitterness, mother of James.
Mary Magdalene, inhabitant of Magdala. Jesus cast seven demons out of her.
Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus and Martha. "The woman immortalized by Christ."
Mary, mother of Jesus.
Mary, mother of John Mark; sister of Barnabas.
Michal, rivulet, wife of David.
Miriam, bitterness, sister of Moses.
Naomi, pleasant, mother-in-law of Ruth.
Persis, Persian, Christian woman at Rome, greeted by Paul.
Phoebe or Phebe (Feebee), pure, first deaconess.
Priscilla, ancient, wife of Aquila.
Rachel, ewe, wife of Jacob.
Rahab, large, hid spies sent by Joshua.
Rebekah, a noose, wife of Isaac.
Rhoda, rose, first to greet Peter on his release from prison.
Ruth, a friend, wife of Boaz.
Salome, peaceable, mother of James.
Sapphira, beautiful, stricken for lying.
Sarah, princess, "The mother of the nations."
Sherah, kindred, daughter or granddaughter of Ephraim.
Shiphrah (Shifra), beauty, midwife who risked life to save Hebrew boy babies.
Susanna, Susan, lily, provided for Jesus and the apostles.
Tryphena, dainty, Christian woman at Rome.
Vashti, beautiful, the dethroned queen.
Zipporah, sparrow, a wife of Moses.

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