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Called Out


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Phone book confirms name

I remember laying on a hospital bed having my nose stitched back together following my airplane crash. It was only moments since I'd crashed, but already a deputy sheriff was in the hospital room cross-examining me. I told him my name was Paul Revere. He wrote it down and left without saying a word. I couldn't say much more because a needle was piercing my nasal cavities as the doctor sewed the nose back on my face. I looked up at the nurse who exclaimed, "Oh my, it came back together!"

At that moment, the deputy stomped back into the hospital room. As I slowly turned my head toward the officer he shouted, "Why did you lie to me about your name?"

"I didn't lie to you. My name is Paul Revere. It is my true, God-given name."

The officer didn't believe me for a moment and felt he had been deceived. I noticed a local phone book laying over in the corner and pointed to it, "Look in the phone book under Revere, you'll find me there."

What more could he say. A man is whoever he says he is - and having the phone book confirm it is an added bonus. The deputy disappeared without comment.

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