Embassy of Heaven

Called Out


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Rendering to God

Starting over

The name we use is very dear to us. Mom and dad gave it to us. Everybody calls us by our name. But this name that we are so fond of, is also very dear to the state. The name has been registered with the state through a birth certificate. It is recorded in their vital statistics division. When the state calls us by name, we hear their voice.1 We respond to our state name.

Our state name is required to enter their schools, for obtaining their licenses, for voting in their elections and for participating in social security. Our state name is used to obtain a high school diploma, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science or Master’s degree, and maybe even a Doctorate degree. By continuing to use our state-registered name, we are "cashing in" on the privileges and benefits that the state has bestowed upon the name. The state has been with us from the beginning, opening doors for us, taking care of us. They’ve made a big investment in our education and training. They have such a close relationship with us that they are jealous of any outsiders who might want to help and protect us.

1 - John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

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