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"Office" is the name of the game

It is possible to shoot at the wrong mark over a name. We might assume that if we rid ourselves of all state-issued documents, the state cannot regulate us. Paul Revere doesn't have a state birth certificate, driver license or social security number. But the fact that I don't have those documents doesn't set me free of the state's control. The true issue is not my lack of state documents. What matters is the office I am filling. Who am I working for?

If I am working as an ambassador for the nation of Heaven, the state has no business regulating me. God owns me. I am not to render to Caesar that which belongs to God. God created my office and I am to render to Him.

It is easy to perceive that "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's,"44 is referring only to things of the flesh, like money. But this scripture also applies to intangible things, like agencies and offices. If you hold an office that Caesar created, then you must render allegiance and fidelity to Caesar. Everyone holds an office with either Caesar or God's government and they are required to render accordingly. Most people hold the office of "person" under Caesar. State-generated "persons" are required to obey all legislative decrees.

Those of us who have given our allegiance to the nation of Heaven, hold one or more of God's offices. The names of our offices include ambassadors, bishops, deacons, elders, evangelists, fishers of men, laborers, messengers, ministers, pastors, preachers, servants, soldiers, stewards, teachers, watchmen and witnesses.

All of us are workers together with God. We hold our offices under God's authority and are required to obey His commands. We hold no office with Caesar. As long as we remain in the office that God has set us in, Caesar has no authority to regulate us. That is what sets us free.

44 - Mark12:17

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